Autumn Winter 2020 _ RURAL EXPLORER ⚫️

Rural Explorer is the AW20 collection of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear, Hungary’s foremost sustainable, contemporary menswear brand. Applying traditional craftsmanship techniques, whilst continuing to respect the simple lines, patterns, season after season. New colour palettes, fabrics and garment variants signal the story of the current collection and indicate exactly the direction it is taking. The mythical has morphed into adventurous and formidable. As the morning mist clears, our rural explorer emerges.

All of this is echoed by the use of exquisite velvet types, which were traditionally used by the peasants to attend church, weddings and other events that were held in high regard. Some of these woven tufted fabrics are around 100 years old and were formerly used as head kerchiefs and skirts for the women and jackets for the men.

Like our forward-thinking character, the brand is making its statements against overconsumption and for sustainability in a more explicit manner than ever: STOP THE DESTRUCTION.


model _ Peti Markó

Babushkas from Kalocsa region.

photo _ Lestár Péter
hair _ Virág Végh
concept _ György Zsigmond

creative writing _ Goldentoth Consulting

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