''Young Hungarian designer Dora Zsigmond’s namesake is characterised firstly by sustainability, and secondly by clean, modern silhouettes based upon traditional, home-grown craftsmanship. Sleek and functional in their structures, her designs draw from contemporary Japanese streetwear and the strict, rigid code of authentic Hungarian menswear. Inspired by the mythological world of folklore, Zsigmond Dora’s SS20 menswear collection features tropes of rituals found in old practices of Midsummer Night celebrations. Whilst folklore remains engrained in the brand’s DNA, the collection ventures into a new realm, building on previously applied elements, like earth, fire and rural life, creating a smoky, mystical mood, that’s simultaneously melancholic yet wild, and transferred onto garments like old jacquard and hand-woven fabrics, some of which are more than 60 years old.'' 🔥

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