Inhale the past, exhale the future .

Seasonal Collection


With sustainability at its core, ZSIGMOND focuses mostly on made-to-order pieces to avoid the piling of superfluous stock, thus further contributing to the overconsumption of our society. Each creation is eco-consciously and ethically produced in Hungary with fabrics purchased from transparent, qualified European manufacturers. Utilizing the “dead stock” materials of luxury brands and employing the technological innovations in recycling help us to use what we already have in the world for creating something new with lasting value.

CORE collection

A continuous collection in the offering of ZSIGMOND, the CORE line offers minimalistic designs with unparalleled comfort. Unbothered by the urges of passing trends, the CORE line carries the value of timelessness. Clear-cut silhouettes are drawn with simple decisive strokes and crafted from high-quality fabrics for occasionless, all-day wear.

SEASONAL collection


In bursting green surroundings, a curious sensation takes hold: we feel unripe in a world ripe for the taking. Longing to belong, we start afresh, but every so often, we look back.

REMADE collection

The REMADE line focuses on one-of-a-kind garments in limited quantities. Through the line, decades or even a century old fabrics are repurposed as contemporary urban wear. Each fabric is chosen during continuous, country-wide research in Hungary. As a result, pieces, like bomber jackets crafted from 60-year-old velvet headkerchiefs or hand-woven wall tapestry, are a statement not only in unique design but in sustainability as well.