Our REMADE line upcycles 50 to 100-year-old traditional Hungarian textiles in contemporary garments.

The materials are sourced from the countryside of Hungary by the designer, Dora, and her brother, György, who spent close to twenty years building close, trusting relationships with the villagers. These traditional garments and household items are revered not only for their intricate craftsmanship but often for the stories and profound emotions attached to them. Thus, acquiring these pieces from their owner requires an understanding of their value - both tangible and intangible.
The Zsigmond siblings preserve these culturally significant pieces for the future through their private collection and the REMADE line.
Each REMADE material comes from items integral to rural living: hand-woven tapestries, traditional skirts, velvet headkerchiefs, aprons, scarves and shawls. These pieces preserve their stories and characteristics in their contemporary reinterpretations through our REMADE garments.

Discover the history behind each textile.