A pale view of land stretches far, set firmly in place across the horizon with the unyielding certainty of the past. Coarse and eerie, this is the place where ZSIGMOND [ʒigmond] emerged from in 2014. Within each creation, industrial silhouettes are met with handcrafted details, and the fragile beauty of heritage garment-making techniques is transformed into something more visceral. Each garment is eco-consciously and ethically produced in Hungary. Organic and recycled fabrics are purchased from transparent, qualified European manufacturers and utilize the dead stock materials of luxury brands. With a mission to craft enduring, timeless garments ZSIGMOND paves the path of the future with the heritage of the past.

Inhale the past, exhale the future.

About the founder

Enamoured by folk dancing, the designer Dora found herself immersed in the world of Hungarian folklore at a young age. Over the years, her infatuation with traditional costumes grew into a profound respect, and by the age of 21, it became her mission to find a way to preserve her heritage in the fast-paced world of today. Thus, ZSIGMOND was born as her reinterpretation of Hungarian peasant culture in a modern context.



Akin to collectible and wearable art, REMADE garments are one-of-a-kind pieces made of decades - or even century old – textiles. Chosen as a result of continuous, country-wide research, each textile is one-of-a-kind.  

natural dyed

Leveraging the pigments of plants, produce, fruits, flowers, leaves, nuts and tree bark brings us closer to nature, while reviving old techniques. Our plant-dyed pieces are also machine washable making them both unique and functional.


The handmade pieces preserve heritage garment-making techniques from rural Hungary. Each item is unique to the craftsman who made it, dyed it, embroidered it or knit it.


To use what we already have in the world, we continuously utilize innovation in recycling and use only recycled polyester made of ground PET bottles. Orders are packaged in recycled paper.


Our garments are designed with functionality in mind: pockets, snap buttons, two-way zippers, size-adjusting drawstrings, detachable sleeves and hoodies are recurring elements in every collection.

eco-friendly screen printed

Specially designed motifs are screen printed by hand in a small workshop in Hungary employing a unique technique using eco-conscious pigments.


Our water-resistant pieces either resist or completely repel water due to their innovative fabric composition or surface treatment resulting in garments that can be worn for a long time in varying climates.


As part of our approach to sustainability, our adjustable pieces can be worn in different ways with solutions like detachable sleeves, two way zippers or adjustable length and waist, allowing for a more versatile wardrobe with fewer garments.


We purchase ethically sourced, GOTS or Oeko-Tex certified organic fabrics from European manufacturers. The textiles are made from natural fibres grown in controlled and monitored settings without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.


Our embroidered pieces preserve the heritage garment-making practice of the past for the future. The loose threads and unique patterns strip back the inherent delicacy of the handcraft technique and turn it into something more visceral.