Discover the history of Casentino Wool!

Discover the history of Casentino Wool!



Our SAVAGE jumper is made from Casentino Wool, an Italian textile that has been the epitome of handcraft since the 14th century.  

Originally intended for people and animals working outdoors in medieval times, Casentino wool's main distinguishing qualities are its unrivalled durability and insulation. Still produced in the Tuscan region of Casentino to this day, the iconic water-repellent fabric is created with a process called rattinatura that compresses the woven wool fabric to create a denser, thicker and more compact material that has an enhanced ability for keeping its wearer warm and dry in harsh weather.

The distinct bright orange colour is part of the fabric's long history. Called "goose-beak orange", the colour was originally created by mistake in a failed waterproofing dye attempt in the 16th century but went on to become as iconic as the fabric itself.

"Panno Casentino" has been equally popular among 14th-century merchants, monks and Florentine lords, 19th-century composers like Verdi and Puccini, and 20th-century designers like Givenchy, who used it to create the iconic coat worn by Audrey Hepburn.

After the golden era of handcrafted, high-quality fabrics used both in practical workwear and high-fashion designer pieces, the overwhelming advance of cheaply produced fast fashion brought the manufacturing of Casentino Wool  close to extinction in the 21st century, making pieces like our SAVAGE jumper a scarce continuation of the 7-century-long tradition.

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