Decameron About New Luxury by Hiroyuki Anzai and Kaori Nakano

Decameron About New Luxury by Hiroyuki Anzai and Kaori Nakano
The quest of alternative economy and culture
written by: 
Hiroyuki Anzai and Kaori Nakano
ZSIGMOND was featured in the Japanese nonfiction Business & Economics book written by two Forbes reporters and experts on the subject of luxury. In their boldly progressive book, Hiroyuki Anzai and Kaori Nakano share their thoughts based on their research and respective experience on what luxury means in the 21st century.
They talk about the quiet changes that have begun to shape the new era of luxury that is overtaking the increasingly old-fashioned and bloated traditional luxury model dictated by conglomerates. While acknowledging the historic importance and influence of these conglomerates within the luxury domain, they see the signs of it being a temporary phenomenon and a new luxury based on local culture emerging in many countries and expanding further. They perceive the future of luxury as characterised by the ‘creation of meaning’ in a new definition of romanticism. With our continuous craving for ‘more’ in the world around us, meaning has to be created: “a meaning that cannot be fulfilled by rationality alone but has to be taken in a wider scope, including aesthetics and the mind.” As the luxury business does not originate from technology, but from ‘humanities’, the intangible cultural heritage in the new luxury plays an increasingly important role.
While the changes cannot yet be contained in a single image, in conclusion, their strategic consultancy predicts a major shift in the upcoming decade that will alter the landscape of the luxury domain by 2030.
In the book, ZSIGMOND’s approach to fashion and sustainability is quoted as the “direction where the luxury created by the new generation is headed”, and Dora is praised for her ability to seek “places and items, where the scope of creativity and the scope of sustainability overlap effortlessly.”
We are both thrilled and humbled by being included in Mr Anzai’s and Ms Nakano’s book about ‘new luxury and the quest of alternative economy and culture’, and are looking forward to seeing more of their work and strive to achieve their wish to create meaning and “history-making design that provides original material that lasts for many generations”.  
The book DECAMERON ABOUT NEW LUXURY can be purchased in Japanese on Amazon.

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