Budapest, Hungary, January 20, 2019

For the latest 2019-2020 Autumn-Winter men's collection Dora Zsigmond had found inspiration in the history of Hungarian landscape painting, an overlooked terroir of startling artistic grandeur.

Cuts are cleaner, shapes are airier. Shirts are fitted wider, t-shirts are leaner, all fabrics are eco-friendly. This time the designer highlights a much diverse yet very practical take on her bestseller pieces. Equipped with more pockets, below the knee puffer coats are reversible from Martini olive green to tart Ceylon yellow, while hoods are detachable. Dustry dark grey legs of trousers are unzippable to create shorts for a changing climate, a true piece-de-resistance of a 90s childhood.

Hers, actually, spent well at the countryside in an apocalyptic décor of moody, raw nature - a still undiscovered side of Eastern-Europe already captured in the late 19th century by artist Géza Mészöly who was born near the designer's family. While his peers only saw nature in their imagination, off the Western-European map of art history Mészöly took sketches plain-air the French Impressionists!

Dull and ridged to most, the Hungarian countryside is an uncivilized land disconnected from the world of today. However, Dora looks at her subject minus the copied irony of today and gathers information with eternal empathy. Only to her the overlooked Hungarian countryside is not a negative space, but a premium soil of new ideas.

Just like oily paint richly applied on the meticulously coated surface, this tactile quality is very much notable of this collection. Organic cotton fabrics imitate sturdy canvas with a pre-washed effect, while waxed jackets resemble to the lacquered effect of century-old cracked paintings. Technologically enhanced, functional fabrics are borrowed classic sportswear are decorated with a casual stroke of charcoal black paint - in the countryside children used to prank by pitching doorknobs.

The color palette reflects the inspiration. Rich in all kinds of browns from relaxed khakis to hazelnut crema of well-deserved espresso, this collection embodies overlooked traditional values of humanity in a quiet land, just like all the pieces, made in Hungary.

photo credits

photo _ Peter Lestar

hair _ Mátyás Lukács ELEVEN Australia

MUA _ Eszter Tassi

model _ Peter _ WAM Model Management


creative writing _ Máté Dávid