Five nationalities from the Carpathian basin ... Swabian, Sokac, Tot, Sloven and Gipsy natives inspired the characters of the ten silhouettes. These muses are the perfect reflections of a mixed cultured nation’s fineness. Ethnographic questions, recent social events, the current situation of immigration were in Dora’s mind during designing.

What happens if more nationalities meet and live together? Is it possible to preserve the unique characteristics? Can they reinforce each other? What are the advantages of a mixed nation-state? What is the result of co-existence? 

Questions like these inspired me. In this collection I expressed my individual opinion on the subject.

The most expressive elements of the EPIC MIGRANTS collection are the federal colours and materials that are helping each other while maintaining a strong character that fulfilled their units. The tones in terms of white and black nobles simplicity coupled with the impact of hazardous vibrant orange. The use of materials is defined in the sensuous neutrality of pure flax where the shiny next generation materials meet. In its overall impression, the collection conveys a new, rebellious spirit. The contrast of alliance reflects the basic theme, which is shown in the mixture of nationalities living in the Carpathian basin. The five nationalities are reflected in the typographical patterns of the collection. The TTH // CGY // SVB // SRB // SKC abbreviations hide a single nationality name. In order to compensate the regular graphic patterns there are some hand-painted stripes in the collection that give an unrepeatable uniqueness to the clothes.