After years of critical acclaim, Dora Zsigmond draws inspiration for her new Spring/Summer 2019 Menswear collection from a deeply personal level of recollection while circling crucial ideas of life at a critical moment of liberty and integrity. 

With much confidence and ease, she is fluent in her figural language and profits from her best long and loose fitted silhouettes. Dominated by muted and raw shades of beige, clay, khaki, and charcoal, she walks through a rural backyard of a craftsman.

To keep alive, one must reinvent. Transmitting eternal values is only possible through steady evolution.

Inspired by the artistic framework of Géza Gorka (1894-1971), Hungarian ceramic master, the new collection titled “SALVAGE” stands for more than mere visual pleasures.

By joining the internationally acclaimed porcelain atelier of Zsolnay to produce sublime objects by wholesale for everyday use, Gorka democratized art and applied design in a contemporary meaning. His works of art had been exhibited from New York to Japan, acknowledged for reinventing Hungarian folkloric heritage and emphasizing function over form.

His functionality is very much reflected. Coats hide inner pockets and hoods, whereas zips and studs add a workwear-like diversity to the versatile pieces made of natural and semi-techno fabrics.

Another reference draws. Troubled by personal loss and social shallowness, an iconic figure from Dora’s childhood is making an appearance, augmented by his landscape architect brother’s salvage Gorka collection. 

As we are step-by-step transitioning into a new era where we are losing the immobile wisdom of our great-grandparents, to reinvent, one must define her roots.

With his aged posture in expansive contrast with his eager gaze, Jani bácsi is ready to act at the age of 91. An inspiring vitality of an iconic figure who spent his life outdoors, functioning as a man for every duty around the family estate. Just like his generation, he rises to speak rarely, but when he does, claims great truth with relevance. He said yes instantly to contribute to this collection.

Vitality in its colors, Dóra is less melancholic when the Sun in bathing long on the summer sky. Inhale the past, exhale the future. Reminiscent of Kádár-era pastry shops’ sweet colors, these icy shades of lemon and lavender are bringing serene brightness to a shady time to top the ZSIGMOND DORA menswear DNA.