Our ARCHIVE selection was born from our belief that well-made garments are not for one season only. Through this site, pieces from our previous collections can be purchased, pieces that were designed to last without the hurrying urgency of passing trends. For returning wanderers, we also regularly update our ARCHIVE selection with new items.

With our garments, we want to raise awareness around the many aspects of nature-sensitive fashion, that goes beyond superficial assurances and aims more towards making a change in the way we approach garment-making and consumption. By using what we already have in the world, we can help to diminish the superfluous nature of fashion. Be it upcycling decades-old textiles, utilizing the deadstock materials of luxury brands, incorporating leftover fabrics from preceding collections, producing made-to-order pieces or keeping ones from previous seasons, every choice is part of a healthy fashion cycle that is kinder to the nature around us and the future ahead of us.

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