AW16 Deserter Look book

On 31 st of December families and friends were saying goodbye to the last day of the year.
However in the air there was the wind of the upcoming war, the good mood was overshadowed by the fear of the escape and uncertainty.
The AW16 collection of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear was inspired by the escape of the
designer’s great-grandmother from Yugoslavia to Hungary.
The ‘DESERTER’ labeled collection is portraying the escape of the great grandmother’s family and the decision of the people choosing the Hungarian nationality.
The romantic family moment was crashed by uncertainty of the escape. The collection reflects
to the feeling of panic, escape and insecurity. The complex silhouettes are reflecting to the
layered clothing of the refugees. The comfortable under layers - shirts, jumpers, turtleneck sweaters - are made from soft cotton, wool and lurex, also sparkling and bright giving a mirthful character to the collection. The tones of the lower layers are green, indigo, black and silvery gray. The glamour comes up as association of the festive mood. The uplifted ambience is boosted by the unique, handmade, embroidered, pulsating details.
The logical structure of the material selection consists of shimmering, elaborated, and shielding silhouettes like wool wadded jackets, hooded, waterproof parkas. The pieces of the upper layers are dirty gray, deep claret and black toned which are reflecting to the sense of anxiety and deportation.
The ideas of the designer derive from the tragic, distress feelings. During the designing process the re-interpretation of the objects were come to the front. The importance of unnecessary objects’ disposal, the real values, the protection and the transmitting of spiritual souvenirs are the lesson of the season.


photo credits

photo _ Marinka Zsuzsanna Alexandrovna
model _ Dani Vass _ Icon Model Management