AW17 The Round-Up Look book

The inspiration for the latest collection was found in the legendary Hungarian movie director, Miklós Jancsó’s outstanding creation, The Round-up. Not only the story, but also the imagery and the perspective of Jancsó had a huge impact on the designer. The venue of the film cites the home and the countryside, two things that are
always important to Dóra. The magical world of the one-time outlaws of Hungary was as inspirational as the pictures, the generous treatment of the huge spaces, the relationships of the characters and the movement of the masses.
The film that served a basic motivation for Dora was made in the middle of the 1960s, ten years after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The story itself however plays a hundred years ago, in the 1860s and is about the suppression of the outlaw-world that existed after the Hungarian war of independence of 1848-49. The Round-up was born during the communism, in a cultural system that did not support its existence, but it was tolerated and it had a role of a cultural valve for the society. The subtitle at the beginning of the movie says: sixties. But which sixties? Is it 1960s or 1860s? The political parallel and the (not so) hidden message is obvious and for Dóra it recalls today’s political situation as well.
The fresh collection is for the urban, modern man and its pieces are characterized by layers and warm materials.
Just as we can see in The Round-up, the collection also exists of clothes piled-up on each other, raw materials and rough textures. Wool plays an important role as jackets and pullovers. As usually, Dóra’s work contains rich and characteristic surfaces, textures and exciting details. The mood of the collection is defined by the fur embroidery. Water-repellent materials that were captured in the movie as kent jackets are now reborn as clothes of the new urban men’s wardrobe. As a primary viewpoint the clothes are functional and comfortable as well as unique. Functionality appears in well-combined pieces and removable linings, adjustable width, variable layers and reversible pieces. Details also call back the inspirational basic: the lettering of the lining „CLOSED”
symbolizes the imprisoned outlaws of the movie.
The brand is known for it rich hand-made details and techniques that appear in this season as well. Color-wise we see the shades of green and grey, black, beige, powder pink and silver details. Puritan and simple colors dominate in the whole collection.


photo credits

photo _ Péter Lestár  
MUA _ Rozita Tóth 
model _ Domonkos _ SAM The Agency
vegetation _ Finecut