Applying traditional craftsmanship techniques, this collection is a tribute to the design highlights of the creator so far.

Rural Explorer is the AW 2020 collection of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear, Hungary’s foremost sustainable, contemporary menswear brand. Applying traditional craftsmanship techniques, this collection is a tribute to the design highlights of the creator so far. Whilst continuing to respect the simple lines and patterns that distinguish the brand’s garments from its competitors’, the progress is clearly visible, season after season: new color palettes, fabrics and garment variants signal the story of the current collection and indicate exactly the direction it is taking. The mythical has morphed into adventurous and formidable. As the morning mist clears, our rural explorer emerges.

He changes lives by spreading sophisticated views and helps his people evolve. His style is more modern and begins to show traces of gentility. His peers look up to him: he is a leader and a trailblazer who looks at things in a very real way. He believes in himself and that through hard work, progress is possible and attainable. There is a vision of change, wealth, positivity and a conflict-free existence. 

All of this is echoed by the use of exquisite velvet types, which were traditionally used by the villagers to attend church, weddings and other events that were held in high regard. 

Some of these woven tufted fabrics are around 60 years old and were formerly used as head kerchiefs and skirts for the women and jackets for the men.  Reimagining their use, they are part and parcel of this Autumn/ Winter range, lighting up the collection with Prussian blue and vibrant purple colors. 

Innovation doesn’t stop here, however: Thindown - a new, recycled down - makes the lining and the appearance of our coats lighter, while ensuring a higher degree of insulation than common down lining in fact without compromising on the efficacy in terms of insulation; it provides better insulation than common down lining in fact. Not only is this material 100% eco-friendly but also washable and takes a stand against animal cruelty as it is recycled.

Like our forward-thinking character, the brand is making its statements against overconsumption and for sustainability in a more explicit manner than ever: STOP THE DESTRUCTION. Take all the bad things that exist and wash them clean in the hope that the world will flourish and glow if we consciously look after it, starting NOW. The messaging appears across the garments, encouraging the wearer to ‘INHALE IN THE PAST, EXHALE THE FUTURE’. 

The designer leaves no room for apologies when it comes to sustainability: some of the garments are made from high-end deadstock materials. 

She wants you to stop being a spectator of change and BE THE CHANGE: Think Globally - Act Locally | Buy Less | Choose Well | Make it Last


photo credits
photo _ Péter Lestár
hair _ campaign _ Virág Végh
hair _ lookbook _ Norbi Kozma
MUA _ Bori Illényi-Házi
model _ Péter Markó
campaign _ Babushkas from Kalocsa Region, Hungary.
creative writing _ Goldentoth Consulting