The most expressive elements of the 2016 spring-summer trend for me are the federal colours
and materials that are helping each other while maintaining a strong character what fulfilled their units. The tones in terms of white and black nobles simplicity coupled with the impact of hazardous vibrant orange.
As regards the material use, it is defined in the sensuous neutrality of pure flax where
the glittering next generation materials meet. I was inspired by the use and sensitive combination of the above mentioned sharp contrasts in this season. In its overall impression, the collection conveys a new, rebellious spirit.

The contrast of alliance, mentioned at the use of colours and materials, reflects the basic theme, which is shown in the mixture of nationalities living in the Carpathian basin. Muses of ten silhouettes are characters from the swabian, sokac, tot and gipsy natives. These five
nationalities are reflected in the typographical patterns of the collection. The TTH // CGY // SVB // SRB // SKC abbreviations hide a single nationality name. Compensate the regular graphic patterns there
are some hand-painted stripes in the collection what gives an unrepeatabe uniqueness to the clothes.

During planning issues related to ethnographic questions were that interested me most.
As regards the atmosphere, recent social events perfectly helped the historical research.