SS21 ROOTS Look book

The place was always there, the land, the people, the past and the thoughts that shaped us. One day, the world will circle back, but we won’t be the same. We learned to stand still, rooted to the ground.

ROOTS is a story about going home and the changes we undergo. The serene beauty of returning home is reflected in the carefully chosen, sustainable fabrics and heritage garment-making techniques. Pieces of fabric remaining from preceding collections are patched together in new items to keep telling their evolving story through time. The colours carry the notion of starting afresh: soft charcoal hues, earthy greens and fresh pears are offset by crisp whites and vibrant yellows. Natural textiles are darkened with soot toned, plant dyes creating individual patterns on each garment. Quintessential ZSIGMOND details are woven into the collection through hand-painted cotton cords and pieces of raw embroidery hidden under collars.

The REMADE collection explores the importance of reconnection in times of uncertainty. Hand-woven tapestries are reimagined as bomber jackets and old, hole-embroidered linens are given new lives as shirts splashed with inky black and neon daffodil paints. Each garment carries its own legacy: tales of glory told after a hunt or scenes of half-forgotten lands become sustained memories grounded in fabric.

Breathing in the past, the world might shift again, but our feet will always remember the road. 


photo credits

photo _ Peter Lestar 
styling _ Dmitrii Gronic 
hair _ Virag Vegh 
MUA _ Bori Illenyi-Hazi 
model _ Benji_ Badass Models
creative concept _ Gyorgy Zsigmond