Atop branches reaching high, I look down,

and there it is,

this land of mine,

my whole infinite world

encompassed between the ground and the sky.


ZSIGMOND was established in 2014 in Hungary. The brand’s inspiration is rooted in the rural Hungarian cultural heritage of the designer whose mission is to re-establish pre-fast-fashion garment-making in contemporary fashion. 

Inhale the past, exhale the future.


Set in the rural landscape of the designer’s childhood, the SS24 collection SECOND NATURE is a walk through fragments of memories. Memories of lying beneath a willow tree by the lake, soothed by the rhythmic sound of lapping waves; memories of wind swaying in wild grass, milk thistles and prickly plants; memories of climbing on walnut trees with scratched knees, observing the horizon. An aching echo of that infinite world seen through the lens of the past, SECOND NATURE is the remnant of yet unquestioned, unadulterated tranquillity.


ZSIGMOND’s most tactile collection to date, SECOND NATURE is an exploration of fabric. With an array of unique and rare materials, the silhouettes are designed to highlight the individual characteristics of each fabric. Glancing across the garments, the collection shadows nature herself: there are movements, as well as rigidity that make up a landscape with the firmness of deep-rooted trees, the ebb-and-flow of wild plants swaying in the wind and the flickering of light and darkness. Crinkled, crushed and patterned fabrics are a textile interpretation of tree barks and veined leaves, while see-through fabrics resemble the thin membrane of insect wings backlit by the sun.

 The colours also reflect the ever-changing quality of nature. Black rain-soaked earth dries to sun-bleached beige; creeping moss and leaves grow green on trees; midnight blue sky turns blinding white; moving shadows shift with the light, and all the while bright mimosas and sunflowers glow neon in the ground.


Our bespoke prints are designed by graphic artist and tattooist Aron Dimen. Each motif is an incarnation of plants native to the rural region of the designer’s childhood in Hungary.

Patterns are screen-printed by hand onto the garments in an independent workshop in Budapest using eco-friendly dye.


Every garment is produced locally and ethically in Hungary, following the principles of sustainability at every stage of the production cycle.

Every material is certified and sourced from qualified European manufacturers.

Zero-waste pieces incorporate the selvedge of fabrics and utilise post-industrial textile waste.

Hem facings are used to elongate the longevity of garments.

Innovative, recycled and organic fabrics, as well as natural substitutes to plastic and eco-conscious dyes, are implemented to reduce environmental impact.


ZSIGMOND’s new swim line addition is a nostalgic homage to men’s swimwear from the 1930s and 1940s. The shapes and fabric choices are inspired by those sun-filled days in the past spent in clear lakes and gentle rivers.


Our REMADE pieces upcycle 60 to 100-year-old fabrics sourced from the countryside of Hungary. Tapestried woven in Budapest, traditional costumes, aprons and headkerchiefs are given new lives in the form of bomber jackets, bags, shirts, shorts and scarves. The legacy of the heritage items is thus preserved, bridging the gap between a rural past and an urban future.

Due to the unique nature of vintage fabrics, each garment in the REMADE line is one-of-a-kind and can show variations in colour or pattern.


photo: Péter Lestár
creative concept: Dóra Zsigmond
models: Boton, Sebi and Vai at Icon Model Management I Patrick at Avantage Model Management I Hien, Nóra and Levi at Visage Model I Péter Markó I István Horváth I Tamás Kosztolányi I Katja Schafli I Martin Aeschlimann I Dóra Fónagy
hair: Bence Poltl
makeup: Bori Illényi-Házi
vegetation and ceramics: György Zsigmond _ Finecut
creative writing: Krisztina Tar
graphic design: Dóra Zsigmond

Dedicated to the designer's great-grandmother and grandmother, who always supported and helped her throughout their lives.