András Hering, editor in chief at Nosalty and PHENOM’ENOM, has first come across ZSIGMOND DORA menswear several years ago, when he was editing a piece for a youth magazine. He felt an immediate connection to the brand, not just in style, but in Dora’s way of thinking, closeness to nature and the message she conveys. The inspiration and ideology behind each garment sets ZSIGMOND DORA apart, the way it draws from the past and preserves fragments of it through sustainably made garments. “Reading about Dora’s inspiration, it struck me as a completely unique concept,” says András. “The way she uses fabrics is something that you very rarely see in fashion.” The REMADE line gives new lives to old fabrics, some of them almost a 100 years old. Woven tufted fabrics from old head kerchiefs and jackets worn by the villagers to attend church or weddings, wall tapestries and hand-woven canvasses continue telling their stories in an urban world.

András chose the CSERNA coat for its unique concept. “The ethical approach, the concept and the beautiful motifs – everything just comes together. I’ve never seen anything like it before.” The sustainably made CSERNA coat is crafted from soft velvet from deadstock fabric and utilises recycled thindown, the world’s first 100% natural goose down fabric, for its padding. The design is bespoke and made-to-order. 

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár

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