Actor Angi Eke’s connection to ZSIGMOND DORA menswear had an unusual start: several years back, she wore pieces from the then new brand for her performance at an underground rap theatre. As she got to know more about Dora’s endeavours in fashion, Angi recognised a similar attitude in her towards work as a creative outlet and a form of art. Dora’s take on sustaining the past through modern garments struck a chord with her, as Angi herself is currently on a three-year mission to study innovative solutions based on traditions in the world of theatre. For the photo shoot, she chose Szkéné, Hungary’s longest standing independent theatre and a place close to her heart. Being an independent institution, Szkéné represents diversity and allows creative freedom, which to Angi’s mind is as important to society as it is to the actors.  

Angi’s eclectic wardrobe mirrors her instinctive personality. She chose SZENTA coat for the same reason: a reversible, recycled polyester coat that hugs you like a blanket in an optimistic, happy colour - altogether a feeling that the world needs right now. To double up on the autumnal cosiness, Angi wore the longline VADNA t-shirt made out of midweight organic cotton. Comfort is of utmost importance to Angi and she is drawn towards clothes that she feels self-identical to herself. On some days, that means a cloudlike, soft coat and on others, it’s a men’s t-shirt worn as a mini dress.

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár  I  hair _ Kyra Tábori  I  make-up _ Bori Illényi-Házi

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