Described as an artist and bread maker by his wife Leora, David Seboek is an important figure in gastronomy. After 18 years of running Baraka, the restaurant they dreamt up together, David and Leora are now about to open a bakery. David’s first entry into the world of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear came about through Dora’s brother, who designed the plant decoration for Baraka. 

Once through the door, both David and his then 12-year-old son became fascinated with the brand. For David, it’s about the story he loves to tell about a talented designer and the way she pieces together old fabrics to make something new. For David’s son, Jonathan, it’s more about seeing something unique and identifying with it. As an eccentric seventh-grader, he likes to be different and wear something different that feels like him. David finds that wearing something out-of-the-ordinary is a question of decision. “When you see someone, you say something like “I would never wear that but it works on them.” And you don’t know if you’d have the courage to wear something like that. But at the end of the day, who knows?” Comfort comes first for David though, and not unlike his son, he happily wears his most comfortable ZSIGMOND DORA menswear pieces lounging around at home as well. The main connection between David and Dora, however, lies in their attitude toward their work, according to his wife Leora. “Everything he does has to be perfect. The same thing with Dora. They’re not people who do things to become famous. It’s about passion and working very hard to reach exactly what they have in their minds. Like artists.”

During the photoshoot, David was immediately drawn to the reversible KAMUT coat. A timeless piece that owes its uniqueness to its construction: fine wool on one side and waterproof recycled polyester on the other with a recycled thindown padding between. The slim fit and elastic cotton fabric of ZIRIND pants complete the ensemble, perfect for brisk, autumnal weather. 

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár

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