Something that feels special yet functional enough for running errands on a random Tuesday is what actor-director Róbert Alföldi was looking for and has found in ZSIGMOND DORA menswear. “Nowadays, if a man in Budapest wants to dress well or even a tad bit out of the norm, there are no options really. Then one day, I came across Dora’s work and I was surprised.” 

In Róbert’s view, taste is both a personal and a societal question. Fear, anxiety and resistance all need to be let go. It is acceptance and openness that will pave the path to a future with more options and thus, the freedom of choice. For Róbert, that means something with a free spirit, a bit of spice and most importantly, comfort and functionality. All these manifest in KEMSE coat chosen by Róbert. “It envelopes and protects you, gives you warmth. You can wear anything underneath it and you don’t have to worry about the fabric wrinkling.” The ease of wear comes from KEMSE coat’s waterproof recycled polyester fabric, while the unique recycled padding ensures protection from the cold. The oversized silhouette brings back memories of cosying up underneath our great grandparents’ towering, crisp down duvets. To accompany KEMSE coat, Róbert chose KALMÁR pants, a pair of cotton trousers with a hint of the East and infinite comfort.

For the location of the photoshoot, Róbert chose the pottery manufacturing facilities at Csepel Művek. Róbert’s love of industrial buildings stems from the same feeling of liberty he gravitates toward in style: the huge open space with its soaring high ceilings allows you to breathe. As an avid collector, his admiration of the ‘60s and ‘70s ceramic industry in Hungary is an appreciation of now-forgotten artists who have utilised ceramic to create extraordinary art.

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár  I  make-up _ Bori Illényi-Házi 

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