Musician Ian Sullivan was first struck by the rare unique quality of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear. “It is like some kind of new age elegance. Each design seems to be a different experiment. I think it’s very brave.” Non-conformity is an expression of integrity for Ian, who believes in selecting pieces whose origins resonate with the individual rather than succumbing to the economics of fast fashion, where affordability for some comes at the price of exploitation of others. He follows the same candour in his music. “For me, honesty is fundamental. If I don’t believe in what I do, why the hell should anyone else?” By telling stories about what he knows and loves, he aims to connect with people and wash away some of the mundanity of everyday life. His fascination with Budapest comes from finding beauty in the world around him. “A juxtaposition of elegance on one corner and a ruined building on the next. There is honesty in that – like wearing no makeup to a ball.” To him, heritage is defined by the same sincerity: it is a way of preserving identity by understanding the path leading up to the present.

GÉDER coat instantly attracted Ian with its colour: a deep purple that shines through its darkness. “Inside, I’m not really a black and white person, so it really resonated with me. I think how we dress is another way of telling a story.” Ian’s narrative unfolds through the embroidered BAKÓCA jumper made of soft, hand painted velvet and USZKA pants with their apron layer reminiscent of the traditional garments of Hungarian peasants. Loose-fit VADUZ t-shirt and elastic cotton ZIRIND pants speak of the urban world of today - concluding a story about the preserved identity of our place and past.

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár

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