Dóra Fónagy, architect, interior designer and co-founder of Vitrin Gallery and Defo Labor, has met Dora Zsigmond through work, which has been a defining aspect of their collaborative relationship ever since. She has met Dora not only as a fashion designer but as a co-operator, for whom creative thinking as part of a team comes naturally. Immediately, she has discovered the same work ethics in Dora that are essential in architecture and interior design as well: laying down the foundations first so as to never get lost in details but manifest the essence of the brand’s values. Structures, systems, characters and proportions all become conscious decisions and act as an internal criteria system for Dora. This architectural mind-set in turn prompts continuous self-improvement as she is the one asking the questions of herself. Having found the same attitude towards work has made showcasing ZSIGMOND DORA menswear at VITRIN feel natural to Dóra. Each collection is at home in her gallery filling up the space with energy, movement and life.

The same way, wearing ZSIGMOND DORA menswear pieces in her private life make Dóra feel comfortable in her own skin. Her architectural mind-set comes into play when getting dressed as well: her usual uniform consists of one ubiquitous layer with another on top. Dóra’s favourite piece from the brand fits all these criteria: the bright yellow jacket made of recycled PET bottles allow you to wear next to nothing underneath while still making you feel as warm as the thick down duvets from our childhood. Dóra’s fondest memories of the jacket bring her back to wearing nothing but swimsuit underneath it in the biting cold of Sweden and Switzerland and making connections with strangers by being asked to give the name of the designer.

As an architect, Dóra likes to play with layers and proportions in her personal style as well. The loose cut finish of the wool KARTAL cardigan and the relaxed fit of the cotton ZÁDOR pants provide proportions, while the blanket embroidery and hand painted texture of the outer layer and the monochrome print of the velvet MONOK jumper add details to the outfit. Wearing menswear pieces plays into the inner masculinity in Dóra’s nature, but it’s also a question of style for her – of finding the right way to wear them, like matching short leg pants with boots or playing with layers for proportion.

photo _ Zsófia Bodnár  I  hair _ Virág Végh  I  make-up _ Bori Illényi-Házi

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