x Finecut

Finecut, a unique plant design and delivery company, had a constant presence in ZSIGMOND's life from the very beginnings of the brand. Finecut at its core is a niche plant delivery service that goes beyond the allure of flowers and approaches plant decorations from an all-encompassing view of nature full of life and death: cut flora, fresh flowers, foliage, branches, potted plants, crops, soil, vegetation and fruitage all find their way into the installations. Reflecting on the changes in our modern world, Finecut's design approach explores the relationship between urban lives and nature. The output is the pure joy of discovery through the art of creation.

During its longstanding collaboration with ZSIGMOND, Finecut has supplied the brand with plant installations for photo and video shoots, exhibitions, events and showrooms over the years. With their unapologetically unconventional approach to plant installations, Finecut's unpolished, bold aesthetics fit neatly into the unfiltered landscape that ZSIGMOND is set in.